This is a new site, dedicated to deflating the pompous and preposterous egos of Vermont politicians of all stripes. They say it, they have to live with it.

You will like it; you will hate it. The site won’t bore you for I intend to upset the complacent.


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  1. […] 24, 2008, this site came into being with this post:  Welcome. With the exceptions of my time in the hospital for surgery and recovery ( about a month and a […]

  2. They’re really a funny bunch. Dean for instance actually calls himself a fiscal conservative. Others routinely get in the papers for speaking while stupid.

    Where else can you see a ragtag bunch incongruously named the “Bread & Puppet Circus.”

  3. I stopped going to Vermont when it fell behind the beaded curtain, and the aroma of balsam was submerged by sandalwood incense. We sent you our utopians from CT and Mass, and they took root in the late ’60’s. Even the lounge rat Howard Dean is an upper-east side shmuck. Now I feel sorry for you guys, really sorry.

  4. Sounds like a good idea, sharp stick and all that. Why limit yourself to Vermont when neighboring states abound with vapid political hacks who need sticking? After all, your politicos might look across the state line and appropriate the latest dumb doodly-dick thing done in NY, Massachesnutts, etc. For example, NY Gov. Patterson claims it makes no sense to lower gasoline taxes because he can’t guarantee that distributors will pass any savings along to the poor drooling idiot consumer. Sounds like an election year lack of guts. All he has to do is tell the gasoline criminals that the state will put them in the market for new kneecaps.

  5. This is a pro forma fabrication. Any similarity to an actual comment or factual document is purely coincidental

  6. OK, this looks like a place to set me grinning.

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