So Vermont, what do you know about torture.

Obama and friends wish to make many Mea Culpas for perceived “tortures” such as making someone wear women’s panties on their heads. Maybe they were water boarded too. Does telling one to stand on a box make it worse: putting one on a leash is kinky. We have highly placed politicians who pay some Dom for that privilege!
I’ll bet all this really harshed some militant’s mellow!

Here are some of the photos of the miscreants; notice all their body parts are attached.abu-ghraib-01
In 2005, this thirteen-year-old girl, who was not armed, was going to school; She was tortured for being a Christian. Many more through out Indonesia, the Philippines and now Egypt and on occasion the UK receive this “torture.”

Here are her photos:


Actually, she was a bit more than tortured.

Muslims consider it a holy duty to kill Christians, Buddhists, Jews who refuse to abjure their religion and embrace Islam, as commanded by the Q’oran

What’s the matter Brattleboro, Windsor, Burlington? A bit of denial caught in your throat? It goes on and it’s waged against kids, women and the weak, the feckless and the Kumbaya singers.

As the guy in the barbershop says,


30 Responses

  1. Extremists may do so but not the Muslims in general.muslims would not kill a child 4 being Christian.
    Stop lying

    • Really? But they did and they’re Muslims. A rose is a rose is a rose. Own them for they’re part of that religion.

    • Seems like there’s an awful lot of “extremist” Muslims on every continent then. Hence, noor, the only one speaking untruthfully here is you.

      • No, all Muslims belong in the category of extremists. Some act on their beliefs while others remain quiet and silently cheer them on.

        If that were not true, you would see thousands of Muslims in the streets protesting the actions of what you call a minority. where are they?

  2. islam consider the one who kills any soul as if he kills all souls and will be in hell forever.
    so don’t say something you dont know

    • Crap! If you believe in the Q’oran you have to believe in all of it or you’re an apostate. Besides who wants to have a ‘religion’ around that condones wife beating, lying, stoning women. Islam never gets more advanced morally than the 12th century. A nuclear crusade is coming, Iran shall be first.

      • 1st, in response to your comment, “A nuclear crusade is coming, Iran shall be first.”.. May I jst say, “WoW! How VERY ‘Christian’ of you.” (dripping w/ sarcasm, of course). :\
        2nd, may I ask.. Dude, do you speak, or more importantly READ arabic?? Because if you do not, then I wonder, how you could possibly believe yourself to be such an authority on what the Q’oran says?? (Since semantics COUNT, and translations cant really capture the meaning accurately, & are NOT meant to be interpreted literally. – Well, actually, MOST texts frm biblical religions are not meant to be taken as literal – something which the folks who lived at the time it was written understood, but folks now a days seem to have regressed in their understanding of.)
        3rd, My father and step mother are both Muslim’s, and I am not. (My father actually married my mother, a catholic, w/ NO issue either way about it.. Simply agreeing to disagree 7 respecting each others right to their own beliefs.) And NOTHING I’ve been taught or understand about Islam condones any of that crap.. I know my father doesnt subscribe to such beliefs at all. Now, Im not a scholar, but my step-mother (a Muslim frm Jordan, who is a surgeon in Dubai) is. She wrote a book a few year ago which highlighted the common good between Christianity & Islam, how people in the west dont need to percieve Islam as an enemy & that MOST Muslims do not feel this way in return. – In fact this anti-christian anti-american, belief is only felt by a small fraction of Muslims.. And many of them would not be inclined to feel this way except for the messed up stuff that has effected & been inflicted on them, for centuries, by first the Christian then by American (& British, as well as other powerful nations) influence & meddling over there. See, if it werent for that, if the people hadnt been SO screwed over & screwed up over folks who really are jst trying to control the natural reasources on their lands.. If it werent for their oppression (which WE had a HUGE hand in shaping) poverty (due to rape of their land & resources by foreign corporations) destruction & death (coming frm everyone basically), which all cause them to be desperate & looking to someone or something to blame..Then it would be ALOT harder for evil folks w/ crazy or selfish agendas to MANIPULATE those people into believing that their cause is one w/ the religion of Islam. — See, it is NOT. But many of those people cant even read, and are simply believing what they are told.. Much like Americans who do the same, but in reverse. (Hint hint.)

  3. Islam means peace not torture
    Muslims are suffering from jews in palestine destroying thier houses while they are in them.
    israel kills palestinians using nukes.
    only cowards that defend them and dont tell the facts

    • Right, and no one is firing rockets into Israel. Iran makes no threats about obliterating Israel. The School girl in the photo cut off her own head. The planes flew themselves into the towers on their own. Go away, you are a simpleton to be peddling such pigswill. If you had any honor you would be ashamed. But you don’t have any honor, that is why you are here selling LIES You desecrate women, actually you treat goats better. Godless heathens, rich because of oil and destined to become poor again for the same reason as the world moves past using it for energy.

  4. Both of these crimes are horrific, but it is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE for you to even attempt to justify the tortures at Ahbu Dugraib. Me nand women were raped with batons, forced to masturbate in front of a jeering crowd, and there were many amputated limbs involved. This young girl would be disgusted if she saw what you’re trying to do here. And as for your comment about muslims killing christians as part of their “duty”? I don’t curse ever but F**K YOU¹. MY step grandmother is a muslim hailing from Iran, and she would never even consider such a thing. People like you are the reason that this country has gone so downhill.
    ¹ Edited for language

    • Of course not Kate, That’s why we don’t flog women for letting them selves be raped, or stone them when they violate some dress code like wearing a sack. Maybe cutting off ears and noses IS OK with you.

      I like the fact that “I don’t curse ever but F**K YOU¹” which I edited out of a sense of decorum that you seem to lack.

      I think you need to live under Shari’a law for a few years to “help” you understand how warm and sensitive Islam is toward your sex. All the rights you’ll enjoy, like not leaving the house unattended, not driving a vehicle, no schooling, getting beaten for the hell of it, getting divorced for serving dinner late or because you got FAT.

      You’re an idiot of the first order, proving it by writing what passes for thinking and presenting it to the public.

  5. Nahh, Humanity has the capability of commiting torture.. But not Muslims.

    • The RoP is the personification of goodness and light. That’s why stoning women is considered an altruistic act, not barbarism.

      • I think you Missed that guys point there. He was trying to note the difference between a ‘bad person’ and a religion.. Basically saying that someone who does those sort of terrible things is a BAD PERSON, and not in fact even a ‘Muslim’ – regardless of WHAT they believe. (They could think themselves to be one, & even call themselves Muslims, but by the simple virtue that to DO that would be to go AGAINST Islamic belief, they therefore are NOT actually Muslims. — Do you get it?? I say that ALOT in defense of Christianity too, btw. Whenever folks try to talk bad about Christians and say that they are bad & judge & hate & condemn & persecute & wage war on those who are different & do bad things in general (details not needed, I hope – you get the examples Im talking about).I always say, “no, they dont.. because if you DO those things then you simply are NOT Christian.”. Because someone can think & believe that they are, & call themselves Christian & go to church & the whole deal.. But unless you are following (or at least attempting to follow) Christ’s teachings – which say all that stuff is a no-no – then, by virtue, you can not BE a Christian. (Their are gonna be alot of folks in for a big surprise when they go to enter the Pearly Gates, should the Christian theory on after-death be true.. They’ll be surprised when they’re told they werent as righteous as they had thought!)
        Another good way of understanding this concept.. The whole seperating the person frm the philosophy/religion thing.. Is like this:
        Lets say that i claim to be a vegetarian. And i say I am. I believe I am. I am standing in front of you stating & believing that I am a vegetarian.. While I am also eating a hamburger. — See, you get that?? I mean, clearly, by virtue of the fact that Im eating meat I am not a vegetarian.. Right? So when some PITA nut comes up to me and hates on me for eating the meat, it wouldnt be right to claim that vegetarians are terrible carnivores.. Only that I was a terrible carnivore. Understand? 🙂
        (Btw.. I DO eat meat, and i do NOT believe it is terrible to do so.. I was jst using that as an example to illustrate the concept.)

        Basically, in a nutshell.. The world is filled w/ both good and bad people, and you will find them BOTH in EVERY group, bunch, or faction. So it isnt fair or rational or even accurate to base your judgement of an entire group based on the behavior of a minority of its members.. Especially if those members are not even following the dogma/rules/philosophy/etc. which that group is based upon to begin with. .

  6. muzzies are the scum of the earth who need killing and theyshould be deported from america for our own for pallies they are just more muzzies like the ones in jordan,egypt,or syria which is where the belong and not in gaza or judea samara.muslims are not a rational people who can be reasoned with they are sick in their heads i mean who else marries 9yr old children but muzzies?

  7. You’ll have to answer this one yourself.

  8. why did people do this. if you know, email me at

  9. MEGA CRYING, anytime Muslims actively condemn all the running dogs of al Qaeda for acts against humanity, there might be a chance for a meeting of cultures. The Muslim population MUST point out the Imams that preach jihad/violence and turn them over for prosecution.

    Until then, the West deals with religions that preach tolerance and LOVE of fellow man. No religions that preach dhimitude, convert or die beliefs and honor killings. No religions that forbid carrying any article of religion other than Islam, such as bibles, crosses or images. The U.S. civilized world should adopt the same principles; ho headscarves, Qu’ans, burkahs or calling to prayers from the mosque as an annoyance to the general population.

  10. Every killer does it for a good reason: self-defense, morals, justice, religion, job duties, patriotism…

    • You’re expanding those borders beyond rationality. However if you wish to give up your right to self-defense and die instead of your attacker, go for it!
      Some of your other selections fall into that same grouping too.

      • this girl was killed by a criminal, this criminal will be punished by one way or the other. all christians are instructed by jews since jesus (alaihi salam) was killed(before islam) you tortured him, you bleed him . and because islam uncovered the jews conspirations it became the target. putting pics in the internet, stupid videos, why dont you show some of what the palestinians are suffering. the quoran is clear for those who want to read and know, the rules are clear, the humans are bad, the humans are killers …

  11. I have many multicultural freinds, and i used to be very plasid religiously and politicaly, but over the last few years iv seen things which have made my blood boil, they slam the west, but yet they would have nothing without it!! they attack children and women, yet they hide behind allah like innocent little kids just doing gods work!
    Religion is our worlds downfall!
    The people of the middle east that commit these crimes, are starting to waken a sleeping giant, and this giant is going to be pissed off when he’s woken!
    and as my attitude has changed my outlook on these people has too, i hope i live to see these people fall! every one of them!

    • The sleeping giant is very PO’ed now.

      I feel no PC kindness or tolerance towards anyone claiming they have a better grasp of the Universe by Divine Right. This particularly extends in the direction of the Progressive and Social Conservative politician, AKA nanny types.
      The Red Queen summed it up quite well about them: “Off with their Heads!”

      • Ok, I’ll be honest.. Im reading this whole stream here, & alot of what you have written I disagree with on many levels.. So I was surprised by this comment, when you extended your statement to include conservative politiians. Wow, color me confused.. I mistakenly almost had you pegged for a right wing extremist hypocrate – but I was wrong. (No offense intended in that statement.. Hense the whole “I was wrong” part.) Hmmmm.. So, if you arent a uber-rightwing conservative or tea partier.. Then, let me guess.. Liberatarian?? (If so, then all I have to say is.. Touche. — I may not agree w/ all the views of a Libertarian, but I ant say much bad about em either.. Cause at least they aint hypocrates!)

  12. 1) Allah say in the Holy Quran :”Whoever kills an innocent soul is as if he killed all humanity, and whoever revives a soul is as if he gave life to all humanity”.

    2) Allah and our prophet Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) ordered us to be kind to ALL creatures, NOT kill unless in self-defense, respect other religions and NOT impose Islam on people.

    3) Embracing Islam is by will after making up one’s mind and looking at Allah’s wonders. Allah say “Whoever believes, it’s for himself…and whoever does not believe, it’s against himself”. Mohammad (pbuh) said to those who refused Islam: “You have your faith and I have mine”.

    • Righto! And this puts the head BACK on the girl so she can go on her merry way. Nice of you to stop by and enlighten all of us.
      We’ve been sitting around trying to figure out how to reattach her head to the body. I have more photos of beheaded “infidels,” got any clues how to reassemble them?

      It’s tough saying “piece be upon you head” to them! Oops isn’t that peace.

  13. Hi,
    Bob A. here. I also posted the bottom picture questioning why Obama and his tribe of sheep in Washington are concerned with GITMO and not putting these photos out. Instead this POS grovels before the likes of Amanutjob and other Muslim leaders. He praises their contribution (Muslims) to our country. The only contribution I see is the changing of the NYC skyline, forever.

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  15. Telling me this is so is one thing. Muslims must turn on those committing the above atrocities, and in the name of Islam, punish them. Otherwise, by their silence, they condone the actions.

    Naming the evil is but the first step. Behead the snake before it bites another, lest it turns and bites you.

  16. [quote]Muslims consider it a holy duty to kill Christians, Buddhists, Jews..[/quote]
    that’s completely wrong, i was a muslim, and i still live in a muslim society, so i can tell you, killing anywho without a crime is highly prohibited (like if he killed all the human kind in quran literature), however, now a day, there are many muslims think racistly (not even religiously) and some times riots against religious minority happens, but such a crime i never heared about, it may occures rarely, or may be the circumstances stated here are simply wrong or badely interpreted!

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