Moms against everything

Whenever the Democrats find themselves stuck behind a slow moving lie, the first thing they do is pull out to pass. Invariably, it’s into the path of a semi and the results are predicable.

Gun truthsSo it goes with their “War on Women” which they’re trying to morph into an anti-gun message that somehow gun ownership actually kills women faster than drinking muddy water.

The eccentric catch-all liberal group, “Moms Against Everything” are stirring the pot once again. Last time it had to do with unsupervised cartwheels, before that, patent leather shoes and short skirts. God knows what’s next!

Again, Gun Control Won’t Help Liberals In Their War On Women Nonsense

Are liberals trying to turn gun control into a “War on Women” issue again? Amanda Marcotte is surely trying to rekindle that misguided crusade. After Newtown, the feminist and Cosmopolitan senior political writer tried to paint the NRA as the “domestic abusers lobby” last March. Recently, Moms Demand Action released an ad featuring a woman being killed in a domestic dispute, which was an exercise in a lack of self-awareness. [snip]

Women are the fastest growing demographic of gun owners; the rates of ownership jumped from 13 percent to 23 percent between 2005-2013. In terms of concealed carry permits, participation in shooting sports, and gun sales, women are becoming a driving force in these areas–and the gun industry knows it.

Young women have boosted Colorado’s gun ownership rates. Colorado women were a key group, along with blue collar workers and Hispanics, that successfully booted two anti-gun legislators in the recall elections in September of 2013. [snip]


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