You’re going to see more of this

Despite the screaming of Feminazi bitches, this is going to happen more and more. And it is a good thing for the kids. Too long has this Country have we listened to the liberal cows of the NAGS, the cranks like Hillary and her open zipper husband and Steinem, who still regrets that she donned a pair of ears and boobed her way around a Playboy Mansion.

Raising a kid is more that a full time job, it’s the first step toward canonization, next step sainthood. If it wasn’t, people running daycare centers wouldn’t be charging what they do to take your kid for eight (8) hours.

So MOM, what do you want? Motherhood or a career? (Motherhood is) You decided to have a kid, now you want to treat it like a puppy, Hey! it’ll be glad to see me when I get home. Goddamn selfish of you.

Not a problem, just hand the kid over to a Nanny. If the Nanny wanted a kid, she could have had one of her own. If you were going to hand the kid over, why did you bother having the tyke? Bragging rights about your plumbing? That your husband isn’t gay?

Staffers in a tizzy over CNN anchor shakeup

CNN insiders are upset at the way network boss Jeff Zucker handled the replacement of “New Day” co-anchor Kate Bolduan on Friday.

Bolduan has been on maternity leave since September, and Alisyn Camerota has filled in for her, joining Chris Cuomo and Michaela Pereira.

But while Bolduan tended to her new baby, and eyes were on the Paris terror crisis, CNN announced that she’ll be replaced by Camerota permanently.

Bolduan will now co-host “@This Hour” at 11 a.m. An insider scoffed: “The manner in which Jeff did it is angering female staffers…They took [Bolduan] out while she was on maternity leave and buried it on a day when there’s serious news.” [snip]

Stay home and raise the kid. You wanted to be a mother, you got your wish. Do a good job of it. If you’re really smart, you will home school the kid, give him/her a real start on life.

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