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Bad actors 01When one is hell bent on destruction, the only thing that will stop him is the thing he fears.Gun Statas a

Painful: White House Can’t Name One Mass Shooting That Would Have Been Stopped By New Gun Laws;

In today’s press briefing, the Obama White House proved what Second Amendment supporters already know: no new gun control laws, especially those proposed by the president, would have prevented any new mass shootings. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked by The Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau if there was any shooting that could have been stopped if an assault weapons ban or stricter backgrounds checks, both supported by this administration, were enacted.

Earnest deflected and pivoted to the Obama administration’s latest proposal that those suspected of being terrorists, of which almost 300,000 on the list have no ties to terrorism, shouldn’t be allowed to purchase firearms. Again, on its face, this sounds like common sense, until you figure out that these lists are secretive, violate due process of law, and are nothing more than a constitutional mess. There’s a difference between being suspected and convicted of having terrorist ties, even the LA Times knows that. Moreover, as we’ve written before, there is no real way to redress if you’ve been placed on the list erroneously. Names can be mismatched, and the fact that children as young as 18 months land on the list is a testament to its horrifically flawed structure. Both parties are at fault for sustaining this unconstitutional anti-terror measure, though it seems as if the sides concerning this debate have changed; Republicans are now arguing we should curtail its expansion, while Democrats wish to utilize it to eviscerate Americans’ Second Amendment rights by ignoring due process. [snip]

The “Watch List”

A Watch List
The Great Majority of the individuals on the Watch List don’t even reside in the USA. What makes this an effective means of screening people?
Only in the hallucinatory mind of Obama and demented Leftists does this work.

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