Illegal Immigration

Where do these pointy headed university dorks, who never did a day’s work in their lives, get off telling us we have to call  fencinghopping illegals undocumented CITIZENS!

Public College Insists Illegals Be Referred To As ‘Citizens’

The University of Maryland is sponsoring a poster campaign encouraging students to refer to illegal immigrants as “undocumented citizens.”

JoseThe inaccurate term, first noted by Campus Reform, is promoted by the school’s “Inclusive Language Campaign,” which is throwing up posters around campus to encourage the use of friendlier language.

UMD’s Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy office, an official organ of the university, is running the campaign. The posters tell students that “words have power” and people should be cautious, lest they offend people with the terms they use.

“Would you say [illegal alien] if you knew I am an undocumented citizen?” the poster asks passersby.

You’re damn right I would! And I’d turn you in to ICE. Just as soon as we get rid of that balloon in the White House, there will be a change in policy.

There won’t be taxpayer money squandered on lawbreakers. You want an education, get it in your own country.
Jobs will have to be done by Americans or they can figure out how to eat with no money.

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