That Nasty “White Privilege”

We need to examine this purported evil, which is only now thrust in front of freshman students as they pass through the gates on their chosen Alma Mater. Before that, these individuals lived in blissful ignorance of the sorrows stapled to the human race by “White Privilege”.

Smart testThe manifold afflictions fervently pointed out by the Professors and Student Organizations quickly flummox the young and empty skulls. Expressed are the woes of the minority students suppressed from getting an education equal to those just entering the racist school.
One might ask what the minority students are doing there but that, in itself, is construed as ‘racist’.

The question still remains, what has ‘White Privilege’ done to humanity? What evil lurks in the hearts of the White Race?  Why not enumerate some of the foul baggage that this affliction injected into the planet’s living system and sterilize them with exposure to the light of day.

We have to start somewhere, let us start here with the “White Privilege” evil contributions to the destruction of Mankind:

  • Science: White Privilege discovered genetics, antibiotics, antiseptics, safe modern surgery, blood transfusions, open-heart surgery, heart transplants, nuclear medicine, X-rays, and provided the schools that gave people like Dr Ben Carson a place to become great.
  • Education: White Privilege built the universities where Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams  studied and teach, two well-known individuals holding Ph.D’s and tenure. Both are economists and African American. Look up their backgrounds.
  • Law: Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas got degrees from places that were founded by White Privilege. There are more but those two names should be recognizable by the fools hating White Privilege.
  • Locomotion: Cars, trains, planes, rockets and large ships all produced by White Privilege. You can’t get from here to there with out putting your black ass on something invented by White Privilege.
  • Communication: Telephone, telegraph, computer, cell phone, television, all invented by White Privilege.
  • Firearms and Gunpowder: After the Chinese (hardly a minority)   invented gunpowder, the Europeans made the first fire arms. Americans made the first rifled barrel, repeating rifle and the Colt revolver. The Germans made the revolver about the same time, the semi-auto followed shortly.

This isn’t to say that there are no minorities working in any of these fields. There are. Those individuals weren’t and aren’t standing around with the jive shit of “Black Lives Matter” or the “New Black Panthers”. They’re too busy getting high grades, getting into Grad school and lining that six figure salary without sweating like pigs on a hot BB court. Also they don’t buy a lot of bling and go bankrupt. They aren’t voting for Hillary or Bernie either.

In fact turkeys, you’re in school fight now because of White Privilege. If White Privilege stops paying taxes for that “FREE” school, where would you be? Yup, digging yams with a stick and dying from drinking bad water and childbirth.

Here’s the deal. you can either get with the “White Privilege”  program get a good degree and buy some nice shoes or you can spend lots of money or steal Air Jordan’s and sit around drinking muddy water.

As Mr T said, “Fool, you have a choice.”


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