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This needs to be happening across the Country, Our Country. Those Politicians who have gone to DC, sat up there and taken the voters money and then tell them “Get Lost.” Eric Cantor found out that there is no sinecure; time now to tell Paul Ryan the same thing.

Feeling ‘Betrayed,’ Wealthy Businessman to Take on Paul Ryan in Primary Challenge

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will reportedly face a primary challenge from a ‘wealthy businessman,’ The Washington Times reports.

While his name has not yet been revealed, the businessman reportedly has ties to the tea party and has donated to Ryan’s campaigns in the past.

Unhappy with the way the speaker has handled trade deals and immigration, the businessman promised that his challenge will “shake up the establishment in a profound way,” a political consultant for the prospective candidate told the Times.

The emergence of a viable Republican challenger in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District is the culmination of a monthslong recruitment effort by tea party activists who say they were double-crossed by Mr. Ryan when he passed a $2 trillion spending package late last year.

Eric Odom, a conservative activist and political consultant in Wisconsin, confirmed with “100 percent certainty” that a local business leader would be running to oust Mr. Ryan.

“I’ve had the privilege of attending multiple meetings with this individual, during which he has expressed his sense of betrayal by Speaker Ryan. He has a strong desire to see real representation for the people of the district versus a congressman who represents special interests in Washington,” he said.

“It’s very personal for him,” Mr. Odom added. “He intends to run a full-scale candidacy that will shake up the establishment in a profound way.”

The source acknowledged that launching a successful campaign against Ryan will be an uphill battle given his powerful position as speaker of the House and the fact that Ryan has at least $5 million in campaign funds.

But the challenger, who felt “pushed to the edge and betrayed,” is reportedly ready to use a significant amount of his own wealth for the race. [snip]

The more of the RINO population in the GOP that gets primaried out, the more separation we shall get between the Donkeys and the Pachyderms. Right now, it is difficult to tell them apart.

Any bipartisanship should come from a knock down, stomp ’em battle for every bit of position you can get. then and only then may one be satisfied you have achieved your best outcome.

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