With the upheaval in European Union; you saw the voter strike back in Italy. They wrapped Renzi in a jester outfit and point him down the road. The shakeup continues as gold firms up; those bozos who have played with notional gold which is the ETF’s. The big boys are trying to salvage their metal from the paper. LOTSA LUCK!

Toast-The Status Quo Strikes back…From Rico

The Italian referendum vote means the EU and the Euro are effectively toast.
– The results prompted an entirely rational flight to safety in the Gold market.
– It also prompted an entirely irrational bit of vengeance from the Status Quo, who monkey-f**ked the spot price downward in two huge $3.5 billion notional Gold dumps [read: nonexistent Gold].

These are the wild thrashings of a dying beast…
– Many who manage to stand clear of these death throes will be enjoying some tasty ‘beast pate’ on their toast.


If you haven’t rid yourself of that paper gold, you might be too late. Paper gold is overextended about 30 to 1. That means there is slim hope of getting gold from the EFT; more than likely you will get US dollars back. Those may be worthless which is why you bought the EFT’s to start.
All this rushing around now is what the poobahs are doing, trying to salvage their wealth.


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