Jewish Humor

90 year old Becky wins a Sony Radio at the Senior Citizens luncheon sponsored by her local shul. She is so happy that she writes the following letter to her Rabbi to say thank you:

Dear Rabbi Schwartzkoff
God bless you and your committee for your kindness in making available the radio I won at your recent senior citizens luncheon. As you probably know, I’m 90 years old and live at the Nightingale Jewish Home for the Aged, and as I’m the only member of my family still alive, it’s nice to know that someone is still thinking of me.
My 95 year old roommate Rivka has always had her own radio, but has never let me listen to it, even when she’s sleeping or out of the room. So when the other day her radio fell off the stand and broke, she started crying.
Her distress touched me and I knew this was Hashem’s way of answering my prayers. So when Rivka eventually asked me if she could listen to my radio, I told her to kish mir in tuchas.
Thank you all for creating that opportunity for me.

shul: synagogue
Hashem: God
kish mir in tuchas: kiss my bottom

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