Hope n’ Change

Circumstances Beyond Our Control

Readers- Believe it or not, it actually takes a modicum of focused thought to do each post on Hope n’ Change, and that simply proved impossible today owing to a personal situation which has now been successfully resolved. But rather than leave you in the lurch (as we like to say to John Kerry), here are some cartoons from the vaults which still have something to say about current (and sadly recurrent) stories.

Regarding the wave of accusations about “fake news,” Hope n’ Change thinks we all know how the game is really played…


And Brian Williams is leading the charge against “fake news?” Really…?!


Meanwhile, as yet another parting gift from the outgoing president, Barack Obama has declared that our nation is still suffering from the effects of slavery. And he makes an interesting point, since by almost every available metric, things have gotten much worse for black Americans…over the last 8 years.


Okay, things haven’t gotten worse for EVERY black family…

Ever the whining grievance-monger, Obama has never been shy about bemoaning “the blood of slaves” which courses through the veins of his privileged wife and daughters. But it was only in 2012 that a lone researcher surmised that there might be a scintilla of slave’s blood in Obama. Inherited from his white mother’s side rather than from Barack senior…


Meanwhile, Barry is criticizing Donald Trump for missing some daily intelligence briefings (a criticism which we find valid, by the way), and saying that a president is “flying blind” without those briefings. But why in the name of Beelzebub’s blast furnace didn’t anyone say that to Obama for the last 8 years?!

Some reports say that Barry skipped as many as two thirds of his intelligence briefings, including the one the morning after the Benghazi debacle. Instead of attending the briefing, he flew to Las Vegas for a fundraiser at which he compared the “sacrifices” of Democratic fundraisers to the sacrifices of four still-warm murdered Americans. The miserable rat bastard.


Okay, Happy Hour is officially on…which means it’s time for us to take time off. Hopefully everything will be back to normal here (or as close as it ever gets) on Friday!


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