Hope n’ Change

2016 – The Year in Rebuke (Part One)

If we had to sum up 2016 in a single word, it would be…unprintable. Seriously, we’d be working hard to come up with the vilest, most appalling, utterly disgusting and likely illegal word in our rich, albeit genuinely filthy vocabulary – and even then we’d fail to do justice to this rotten collection of months.

Fortunately, we don’t have to sum things up in a single word. We have this entire page to work with, so let’s dive straight into…

Go to the link and visit the Hope n’ Change site to view all of the images, they’re copious. Here are three and I’ll pick three again Wednesday when the second ‘load’ is deposited. Stilton outdid himself.

The year hits the ground running (like an abscessed boil) when the Post Office releases a “Forever” stamp commemorating the Muslim festival Eid al-Adha, which honors the willingness of Ibrahim to slit his son’s throat after being “triple dog dared” by Allah. As part of the festival, modern Muslims are still expected to sacrifice their best farm animal…assuming they have the financial ability to first buy it an orange jumpsuit and get it to pose for a Youtube video.

Of course there was this very important issue that dragged the Presidential campaign through local laws to the delight of the press.

But life and death issues soon take a backseat to a far more important crisis in America…


Springsteen and other (ahem) “artists” boycott North Carolina following passage of a law which segregates bathroom privileges based exclusively on an individual’s God-given plumbing rather than their current (and sometimes whimsically flexible) gender self-identification.  This kicks off a firestorm of controversy around the country as liberals try to force businesses to create new bathrooms for each of the 51 sexual genders (no, really) recognized by Facebook, or at least let anyone who enjoys peeing in front of kids do so to fight discrimination.

The country becomes so embroiled in the issue that it becomes necessary for Barack Obama to remind the nation who truly suffers from discrimination in our wretched country… [snip]

Meanwhile, as the primaries wear on, people finally start realizing that Trump might actually become the GOP nominee…


By the way, in case you don’t know, the cartoon above is a tribute to “Forbidden Planet,” which is the best sci-fi movie ever made. If you’ve never seen it, get your hands on it and watch it NOW which the rest of us move on to… [snip]

Lots more to read and see…


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