Hope n’ Change

It Takes a Sociopathic Village

Boo Radley isn’t going to like them, either.

Barack Obama has announced that he will be making a farewell address to the citizens of Chicago next week, in part to “celebrate the way you’ve changed this country.” We can’t think of a better location, considering some of those “changes” include 762 murders in 2016, and the recent abduction and torture (with live Facebook streaming) of a mentally challenged white man by four black thugs, who used their time in the online spotlight laughing and spouting obscenities directed at Donald Trump and white people.

When white lunatic Dylann Roof murdered nine black members of a South Carolina church, Barack Obama made clear his belief that nobody acts alone (even if they think they do), and larger sociological connections – and corrections – must be made.


While that point can and should be debated (Obama himself denies his own “logic” every time a Muslim carries out an act of terror), it can’t be debated that, even worse than a lone psychopath, there is something sicker and more inherently dangerous about a group of hate-filled people who joyfully torture another human and broadcast it to their friends. That’s symptomatic of a culture of sociopathy, malignant and metastasizing.

While it’s easy and appropriate to lay some of the blame on media celebration of thugs, ho’s, and the gangster life, we believe the larger share of guilt belongs to generations of Democrat policy makers – Obama most decidedly included – who have destroyed black families, the educational system, and the nation’s inner cities in order to provide an unending source of enslaved voters who must rely on government entitlements for survival.

Add to this the Obama administration’s 8 year history of stoking racial fires, showing antagonism towards police, and their active encouragement of rioting in black communities as an appropriate and “understandable” response to acts of imagined racism.

All of this has created a sickness in the soul of too many black Americans that is as representative of Obama’s “legacy” as anything could possibly be. If the man had an ounce of honesty or integrity, he wouldn’t be traveling to Chicago to boast of his “accomplishments” – he’d be going there to apologize.




We’ll be talking more about this in the near future, but just to give everyone time to adjust to the idea (including ourselves), we’re officially announcing that Hope n’ Change Cartoons will be turning out the lights here on or slightly after the day Obama leaves office.

Hope n’ Change has existed with a specific purpose in mind: to comment on the many disasters associated with the Obama administration and the culture of liberalism, and to address those issues with enough humor to boost morale for those on the Right who’ve been fighting back. That job has been completed and we’ve got the empty scotch bottles to prove it.

Mind you, we don’t expect the world of politics to get any less ugly and ridiculous now – far from it. These are going to be tumultuous times and no political satirist is going to run out of raw material while Donald Trump is in office and Obama is heckling from the front row.

But we’re looking forward to finding new projects to work on, both personal and professional. A lot has been “back burnered” in the past 8 years, and we’re not getting any younger (although oddly, we are getting more distinguished looking). We plan to do more things which are creative, fun and funny – and don’t come with rigid (albeit self-assigned) deadlines throughout the week.

A few additional points:

• We intend to keep up an easy-to-find public profile.

• This site will remain intact and we’ll do whatever is necessary to keep it visible. There’s a lot of history here!

• Our Hope n’ Change Facebook page will continue, although whether new cartoons get posted over there will be purely a matter of whether or not our graphics Tourette’s syndrome kicks in.

Johnny Optimism will continue as usual. Sick kids and life’s unfairness never get old!

• If you’re on our mailing list, we’re going to maintain the database so when we create another blog, write a book, or just want to stage a huge reunion party at some centrally located bar, we’ll be able to reach you. If you’re NOT on the mailing list, then add your information here before the end of the month.  It’s free, there’s no spam, and future historians will list you among the pantheon of heroes.

There’s a lot more that needs to be said, but we’ll save that for another day. For now, just know how sincerely appreciated you are – and let’s continue business as usual while enjoying the countdown to Barack Obama’s final day in office!


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