Word Play

How often do we use words and never think of how they LOOK as you sound them. Disney full length animated features such as “Song of the South” and “Dumbo” used visual puns one of my first was the crows asking if you ever heard a diamond ring while showing the image of a diamond ring. There are others.

Truly, only those with a well versed base in English beyond being able to spell the word are able to appreciate the twisting of meanings to arrive at such humor. Some say puns are the lowest form of humor; those that say such things more than likely have a lower level of language cognition.

Consider someone who is sad is said to be melancholy. They could be bordering on sever depression or just a bit weepy. How does the word melancholy ‘look’? Like this?meloncollie-02

So this pooch now becomes a Meloncollie of the rough breed. One has to wonder if a Meloncollie has the wherewithal to keep pulling that idiot Timmy out of those various well he keeps finding by falling into them.


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