Jewish Humor

17 year old David has just got his driver’s license and asks his father Harry when he can start to drive the family car.

Harry tells David that he will make a deal with him. “OK David,” he says, “before I let you loose on the car, I want you to do three things. I want you to bring your grades up from an average of C to an average of B; I want you to study the Bible more often; and I want you to get your hair cut. Only then will I talk about your use of the family car.”

David thinks about what his father has just told him and quickly decides that he will accept the offer. So they shake on it.

Six weeks later, Harry says to David, “I’m very pleased to learn that not only have you brought your grades up, but also that you’ve been studying the Bible. But I’m disappointed that you haven’t bothered to get your hair cut.”

“I know, Dad,” says David. “I’ve been thinking about that. But I’ve noticed in my Bible studies that both Samson and Moses had long hair.”

“But did you also notice,” asks Harry, “that all of them walked everywhere they went?”


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