Jewish Humor

Chaim Yankel has been regularly getting bad headaches so he goes to see Dr. Minky.

After a thorough examination, Dr Minky tells Chaim, “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but in order to eliminate your regular headaches, you’ll need to undergo an Orchidectomy. That is, the removal of your testicles.”

“Oy Vey,” cries out Chaim.

A few days later, Chaim has the operation. But whilst recovering, he becomes very moody and very angry. So it’s suggested by his family that when he leaves the hospital, he should buy himself some nice new clothes to help lift his mood.

The following week, Chaim visits his favourite menswear shop in Golders Green and begins by looking at some nice elegant shirts.

“What size shirt can I help you with?” asks the shop’s Manager.

Chaim angrily replies, “I’m a 16 and always have been a 16.”

“But Sir,” says the manager, “looking at you, you seem to be a 16 3/4. If you insist on wearing a 16, you’ll likely have some nasty headaches to contend with!”


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