Media Moonbats meltdown

Preparations for watching the Inauguration shouldn’t have been much of a chore except we at Loon Watch were going to watch the proceedings on the Moonbat channels: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC.
This required moving the furniture to the corners of the room, getting the expensive rug rolled up and out of the way and moving a couple of old TV sets in. A couple of folding chairs, same number of TV dinner tables for the laptops and that proofed the room from broadcast insanity, a wise move as it turned out.

It started with CNN which had us rolling around the floor, gasping for breath with laughter. Just when I though that was enough, good ole buddy switched the channel on the big TV to MSNBC right in time to see the Mad Cow herself tip over in cognitive impairment again. So much for fine dining; the escargots aux champignons were on the walls and floors. If we hadn’t moved the Louis XVII out of the way… I never could have the Trumps over next weekend…
Reminder to all my fine friends and readers. If you are going to examine and Leftist tripe for content, make sure that you rent a local hall. They will know how to clean up after anything so disreputable and low brow.

An open party with outlaw biker gangs attending is more genteel than any of the aforementioned Lefty sites.
Say what 01

8 Most Unhinged Inaugural Media Meltdowns

Press used historic moment to wish ill on Trump’s supporters, whine about Hillary and more

Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States, having been sworn in by John Roberts, chief justice of the United States.

At least the hysterical denial and anger from his detractors and the media is over. Maybe.

‘I Wish You Pain, Trumpers’
Chauncey DeVega of Salon wrote of Trump supporters, “They made a decision that loyalty to whiteness took precedence to a shared sense of humanity and the Common Good.”

Hillary’s Welfare
On Friday’s NBC “Today” show, Matt Lauer expressed fear that the unruly Trump crowds might target former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once again.

Let’s hope Trump fails
Over at, another website full of leftist loathing, Yascha Mounk wrote on Thursday for his peers to stop hoping for impeachment.

One Last Shot at the Transition
Politico Magazine couldn’t resist one more shot at Trump on Inauguration Day.

In a story that was displayed prominently on Politico’s website, the magazine headline’s read: “Trump’s Transition of Untruths, Exaggerations and Flat-out Falsehoods: After a campaign that was largely indifferent to factual accuracy, Trump stayed the course while preparing to be president.”

MSNBC and The Post, as Usual
On Thursday night, MSNBC host Chris Matthews said on “Hardball” that Trump will soon have access to nuclear weapons. [snip]

His guest, The Washingon Post’s Catherine Rampell agreed that Trump having the nuclear codes “is somewhat terrifying to me, given that Trump does not have the greatest impulse control and when he says that he gets attacked, he punches back.”

People Will Die
The New York Times published varied opinions on Trump on its website on Friday morning. One of the most bizarre opinion pieces came from Harvard University’s Vicki Divoll, who urged officials not to work for the federal government under Trump: “Make no mistake, if Mr. Trump’s ‘agenda’ is successful more, not fewer, Americans and innocents around the world will suffer or die, and none of us will be safer.”

Krugman, Again
Speaking of The New York Times, no list is complete without Paul Krugman, the oddball economist and Times columnist who once suggested Trump pined for an event like the attacks of Sept. 11. 2001, to boost his presidency.

Vox, Redux
An hour before inauguration, Vox wasted no time in smearing the new America under a President Trump — and under all presidents.

“Donald Trump today sets out to make America great again. But what if it was never great?” the headline read.

The Media Wall
Trump has been sworn in. He’s the president.

His presidency will be interesting times, if only because of all the liberal meltdowns, such as those of Lopez and Matthews.


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