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Vermont has a small problem, a small monetary problem, in addition to the rest of the fiscal disaster that every Socialist/Liberal/Progressive/Marxist/Communist society finds themselves in after they have taxed the productive members into flight or penury.
Somewhere in the backrooms of Montpelier, the Treasurer is still playing “RISK” wishing that may turn into reality.

From the literate pens at:


What Vermont’s opioid problem is costing taxpayers

Fiscally conservative Gov. Phil Scott presented a balanced budget last month, cutting government spending, consolidating programs and calling for a special election for school boards to present level funded budgets. Still, the governor will continue to provide full funding for Vermont’s battle against opioid addiction.

Will the spending ultimately save taxpayers money?

Nationally, the U.S. taxpayer has lost over $25 billion dollars to excess health care costs due to opioid addiction. Addiction-related burdens on the criminal justice system are estimated at $5 billion, and lost workplace production is estimated at $25.5 billion.

In 2007, Vermont’s share of health care loss was over $38 million dollars. Since then, opioid addiction in Vermont has tripled, and state taxpayers have likely suffered total losses of over $84 million dollars. [snip]

According to a January 2015 report by the Vermont Department of Health, the new centers enable 40 percent more users to receive treatment. Moreover, approximately 75 percent of patients complete 90 days of treatment, a crucial factor in preventing relapse.

The report did not specify relapse rates after the 90-day program, but other studies have found that heroin and opioid relapse occurs for approximately 90 percent of users. Relapse generally decreases in long-term programs.

To help prevent access to opioids, Shumlin in 2016 signed a law limiting the amount of prescription pain killers physicians are allowed to prescribe. The law will go into effect on July 1, 2017.

However, that change may be rendered ineffective by Vermont’s outdated prescription monitoring system. Pharmacists have told Watchdog that because of the lack of data sharing, patients are able to hop from pharmacy to pharmacy, filling the same prescription each time.

RELATED: Pharmacist: Rehab turning Vermonters into permanent drug addicts [snip]

That last line should tell you of the wonders of this hippy socialist paradise.
Picking up a calculator quickly tells one that this problem is virtually insurmountable. There is somewhere between 620,000 and 650,000 persons in the state not all earners. They’re expected to fess up to some $84 million; that comes to a mere $13.6M± each.
Hey Woodchucks, cough up!


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