Sorry for the no post hiatus. Saturday I has Windows decide to take a vacation and corrupt itself to death. Anything that I tried to do from woring the internals to booting from the CD did nothing. Monday the box went to the shop, where it took the high guru to get it booted and he had to restall Windows.

I have to external backup drives that constantly back up EVERYTHING, co you can imagine what I’m wading through to restore the C drive. Getting my basic data I need for daily life had to get place somewhat. I got the computer back at 1400 hours Monday. Tuesday was hospital time for most of the day, now back at putting things back in order bit by bit. I’ll try to put up something each day but for some time it will be sparse. Photoshop will be one of the last programs loaded; CS-6 doesn’t have a working bridge, so I use my old CS-2 Suite for most all work. Adobe sucks for being user friendly, money oriented.

Look for more posting soon but not with great frequency Sorry for all this garbage, I hate it more than you.











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