Cognitive dissonance…

…is the product of believing that sneaking into a country automatically conveys the “free everything syndrome” and America now owes them a living free of and hardship.

This is the classic Socialist outlook on life, the cradle to grave gimmee, “I want” assumption of the lotus-eaters.

Is this the America you want?

This is what happens to a free society when immigrants have more rights than citizens.

This is what happens when socialism goes awry. This is what happens when it’s more advantageous to not work than it is to actually hold a job. Open your eyes and send this to as many people as you can. The sign states that they are not free. Just what the hell do they mean by not being FREE? I guess they were free in their native country?

Why isn’t this person with the sign “we will shoot more police” not being deported?
If you can look at this picture, read the sign and DO NOT Pass this on to others, your neighbors, friends and family…SHAME ON YOU!

Take a good look at the sign he is holding!
OK, all you pushing for illegal immigrants’ rights, do you have your wallet open? Or do you expect everyone else to pay and pay and pay for these slugs.


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