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blast-from-the-past-1A mighty wind’s a-blowin’…

There is a sweetly horrifying and breathless moment when your roller coaster car has just finished clackety-clacking skyward up steeply inclined rails, then pauses at the top just long enough for you to mutter “oh, shit” before all Hell breaks loose.

And politically speaking, that’s the moment we’re experiencing right now.

We won’t go into all the (ever-developing) details here, but Donald Trump has accused the Obama administration of extensively wiretapping his campaign with ill intent – and so far, at least some of the evidence suggests that Trump may actually be on to something. Have our nation’s intelligence agencies been involved in orchestrated attempts to subvert an election and destabilize the new administration?

As much as we usually roll our eyes at Trump’s assertions that something is “yuuuuuge,” in this case it’s perhaps an understatement – because this is either the biggest political scandal in recent history, or evidence (some might argue further evidence) that our shiny new President is somewhat off his rocker.

Make no mistake, we find it entirely plausible that there could be an effort by the flagrantly corrupt Obama administration to abuse power in order to undermine our election process and potentially take down a sitting President of the United States. And if true, it’s the sort of thing which not only demands criminal investigation and prosecution, but suggests that there might be an important secondary use for Trump’s wall involving blindfolds.

We encourage Trump to use every legal weapon in his Presidential arsenal to bring the truth to the American people and bring the guilty – no matter how highly placed – to justice. On the other hand, if that process reveals that Trump’s accusations are baseless, we recommend that he seek treatment for “Twitter Tourette’s” as soon as possible.

For now, not knowing which way things are going to go, all we can do is hold our hands up in the air, scream, and enjoy the wild ride.


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