A Fairy Tale from F. Chuck Todd

Another bit of disturbed thinking from the Lost Left. The likes of F Chuck Todd connects all the dots on the Trump-Russian connection. The only thing missing is and facts, proof or statements by anyone from either side, Trump or the Russians.

Who needs facts or proof when one has all that innuendo with which to work. That’s better than facts because it can be twisted from day to day and with judicious use can last a week.

Next week:
Todd reports on his

carnal knowledge of Tinker Bell.

NBC’s Chuck Todd Connects ‘the Dots’ of ‘Growing Evidence’ of Collusion

NBC’s Chuck Todd took a firm stand during Sunday’s Meet the Press as he pushed accusations that Trump’s campaign was colluding with the Russian government. “Connecting the dots between the Trump campaign and Russia,” he declared during his opening tease, “The growing evidence of the Trump-Russia connection threatens to consume the opening months of Donald Trump’s presidency.” Through all of his hyperbole, Todd failed to mention that there is no evidence of such collusion. (emphasis added)

Todd’s entire show was based on the presumption that members of Trump’s campaign are working on behalf of the Russian government. After letting The New York Times’ Tom Friedman go on a tirade against the President for his early morning tweets about possibly being wiretapped at Trump Tower and Russia’s joy over the situation, The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel put both of them in their place.

“No evidence. There’s no evidence. I mean, this is just– I heard Chuck Schumer suggest exactly what he did, that we know that this is the case,” she told them off:

Especially this recent discussion about Jeff Session which is the kind of height of the ludicrousness of this, okay? If Jeff Sessions really was a mole working for the Russian government he probably would have found a better place to have met with them than his public Senate office surrounded by his aides. So the meetings are not necessarily what matter. They don’t prove anything.

The NBC moderator seemed taken aback by his panelists’ candor. “They do have this pattern of “oh, yeah, I forgot I had this meeting,’” he tried to argue while talking over Strassel. But Strassel shot back, noting, “As many in Washington have suddenly forgot, Mr. Schumer, for instance about meeting with Russian ambassadors.” And it wasn’t just Schumer. [snip]

There isn’t a one of them that isn’t wiling to play the court fool at a moment’s notice.


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