Where Tinker Bell lives

There is a place in Vermont along Rte 2 somewhere twixt East Montpelier and Marshfield, where the road gets a bit wider and the semis can blow the road detritus and the village idiot off to the side of the byway. Then the Winooski floods sending the village trash down river to Montpelier. The idiot always returns to vote on Town Meeting Day.
He did again; here’s the proof.

Here’s the story at

Small town of Plainfield adopts sanctuary status for illegal aliens

The rural community of Plainfield on Tuesday joined an increasing number of Vermont jurisdictions considered to be “sanctuary communities” for illegal aliens.

The change was adopted in a non-binding resolution put before voters on Town Meeting Day. The resolution passed by a 67-13 vote.

Andy Robinson, a local immigrant rights activist, led the effort by helping gather about 70 signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

“The goal here is to make sure Plainfield is perceived as a town that is considered welcoming and that immigrants here can feel safe,” Robinson told Watchdog. [snip]

The population of Plainfield is roughly 17,000± several cows that were erroneously counted in the last census. Robinson managed to get 70 of them to sign his paper extolling the value of them to the village.
One has to believe Robinson envisions hordes of tourists flocking to downtown to see the locals in native garb. What else they’re going to do is open to question for Plainfield’s manufacturing base is bereft of large openings.
Of course, many hands on many teats and that can eliminate the automated milking parlors, bringing back the Vermont of the ’40’s.

James Simpson, a former analyst for the White House Office of Management and Budget who now focuses on immigration, the Plainfield resolution is little more than words on paper, but nonetheless sends a message.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s just a meaningless resolution or something that becomes an ordinance,” he said. “It all sends the same message, and that is that the official position on illegal aliens is that they are welcome here.”

Simpson says while most illegal immigrants are seeking a better life, the population as a whole is disproportionately more likely to be involved in crimes. As reported by Breitbart, U.S. Sentencing Commission data for fiscal year 2014 shows that while illegal aliens accounted for 3.5 percent of the U.S. population, they accounted for 36.7 percent of federal sentences following criminal convictions. [snip]

Well, the denizens of Plainfield will be milking unicorns and frolicking with Tinker Bell, all while hoping a tourist or two will wander off Rte 89 or Rte 91 meander up the hills to Danville and then over Rte 2 searching for civilization and pass through the Twilight Zone.


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