Stilton’s Place

Stilton’s Place

Open Megaphone Day

“Snowflakes should seek shelter in 5…4…3…2…”

Remember how we joked on Monday about how Daylight Savings Time messes with our mind? Well, we actually weren’t joking at all and we’re still in a walking coma. We look like Doc Brown from “Back to the Future” if he was appearing in one of those ads showing the longterm ravages of meth abuse.

That’s why we’re introducing an exciting new feature for everyone to enjoy on those occasions when, due to unavoidable circumstances (like our EEG flatlining), we can’t meet our own rigorously high standards of journalistic excellence. Specifically, we’re putting the burden on YOU to come up with interesting things to talk about in the comments section!

We’ll start you with several random thoughts to show how the game is played:

• Regarding the GOP healthcare plan, we think that hitching posts should be installed outside of emergency rooms so that when people show up who have chosen not to carry insurance, the providers can decline to provide treatment “for you and the horse you rode in on.”

• Kellyanne Conway, who frequently serves as interpreter when communicating President Trump’s ill-expressed thoughts to those who are fervor-impaired, recently stated that kitchen appliances like microwaves “can turn into cameras” to spy on people. In the future, we suggest that Kellyanne leave such wacky pronouncements in the microwave a lot longer, because they’re definitely coming out half-baked.

• MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow obtained Donald Trump’s taxes from 2005 and, after much huffing, puffing, and innuendo about “Russian oligarchs,” anticlimactically revealed that he paid $35 million in federal taxes that year (an effective rate of 25% – higher than that MSNBC paid) and the IRS found no wrongdoing whatsoever with his returns. Meaning that the only newsworthy part of the story is who committed a felony by leaking a private tax return…and how soon can we see Trump make an example of that individual?

And now, let’s hear from YOU! (Remember, to get to the comments section just click on the title of today’s post, or click on the number of comments just below the post).


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