Stilton’s Place

Stilton’s Place

Oh, The Arts and Humanities!
President Trump’s budget calls for the complete elimination of taxpayer funding for NPR radio, PBS television, and the National Endowment for the Arts. All of which were things that Adolf Hitler also did just before firing up the big ovens.

Or at least, that’s what the Left would have you believe. Personally, we’re delighted with the budget cuts and think they’re long overdue. According to the Neilsen ratings service, if PBS went off the air (unlikely, as only part of their budget comes from taxpayers), the average viewer would still have 188 channels to choose from. Likewise, there are plenty of free broadcast radio stations with which to replace NPR in the marketplace – not to mention tens of thousands of radio stations and podcasts available online.

As for the National Endowment for the Arts, we think it unlikely that art will stop being created or distributed by real artists just because the government checks dry up. But the faux artists, so loved by the Left, will stop getting huge paydays for dunking crucifixes in urine, and will instead go back to giving the police free samples of their whiz to test for drug use.


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Although you wouldn’t guess it from the Jarlsberg name, we actually have Irish blood thanks to a redheaded paternal grandfather who immigrated from County Cork. Once in America, he knocked up our grandmother (who apparently could have used a cork) out of wedlock, then scampered away like one of the elusive little people.

Leprechauns, that is. We’re not mocking the short-statured nor implying in any way that they’re a shifty and promiscuous lot, no matter what you’re heard.

The joke, however, was on O’Grandpa – as it turned out that his bastard son became a talented and delightful man and great father. We’ll be drinking a toast to his memory today, and hope you’ll join us in raising a glass! [snip]


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