Conflating insurance with health care

The big shouting match occurring in the House is purportedly over health care. What a barrel of horse piss.
First, everyone has health care, either through their insurance or via the ER at a hospital. What is being fought over in DC is who is going to control health INSURANCE. The Government of you, the citizen as to where, when and how you will buy and If YOU WILL BUY INSURANCE. Not whether the Government will tell you where, when and how much.

The obfuscation by both parties is disgraceful, telling people that they are going to lose health care.

Take It or Leave It: House to Vote on TrumpCare Tomorrow, POTUS Threatens to Walk Away if Bill Fails

Last night’s perceived “breakthrough” didn’t quite pan out as expected today. The House Freedom Caucus showed up at the White House this morning and declined to take President Trump’s final offer, and now it looks like exasperated Republican leaders have seen enough. Rather than allow negotiations to drag on interminably, there will be a vote. Tomorrow. And the chips will fall as they may. As Cortney reported earlier, President Trump has declared that if recalcitrant House Republicans vote with Nancy Pelosi to kill the American Health Care Act, he will walk away from the issue and allow Obamacare to remain in place.  That’s some real hardball, daring Republicans to defy him.  House GOP leaders say they’re ready to yank campaign funding away from members who cross Trump’s wishes, then place the blame squarely on the party’s hard-right flank:

Michael F. Cannon @mfcannon

Sources: House leadership threatens to pull bill to preserve , and then blame House @freedomcaucus for ObamaCare still being law.

Even if you dislike the bill — and I think some important changes (here are a few ideas) still must be made among the way — that assessment would be more or less accurate. Most of the Republican conference is reportedly livid at the Freedom Caucus, several of whose leaders co-sponsored a version of the AHCA when then-Congressman Tom Price introduced it in 2015. They believe the group constantly shifts goalposts and refuses to take ‘yes’ for an answer: [snip]

Remember when Ryan became speaker of the House, his first action was to give Obama everything he wanted in his budget. He then promised the Conservative faction a rework on a bill if they voted for it. They did and then Ryan reneged on his word. After that he ignored the Conservatives in all matters.

Ryan works hand in glove with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) that never has been on the side of the American worker, from insurance to immigration.


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