Not GLAAD when you’re getting it in the end

Hilarious as hell when Christian cake bakers, pizza makers and wedding dress fitters are sued and ridiculed and maybe even put out of business. But when their BUTT practices are hung out to dry, OH MY GOD, that is a crime against FREAK HUMANITY. WE must consider them normal!

Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix specials are drawing fire for LGBT, transgender jokes

It has been an interesting start of the week for Dave Chappelle. The comedian’s two new specials released on Netflix Tuesday, giving fans of the former “Chappelle’s Show” comic a fix for his long-awaited standup.

But not everyone who watched the specials was laughing. Some viewers were put off by his raunchier jokes.

There was a backlash by viewers toward his jokes about the LGBTQ community and his comments on transgender issues. There was also a strong reaction toward the comedian’s discussion of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case.

The specials –“The Age of Spin: Live at the Hollywood Palladium” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas: Live at Austin City Limits” – have raised the question about what is and isn’t off limits in standup comedy, and if it’s acceptable for comedians to cross certain boundaries.

Many of Chappelle’s supporters came to the comedian’s defense, noting the jokes went in line with the brand that has made him so popular.

The conversation even moved toward comparisons of Richard Pryor and a debate over whether the famed comedian was ever offensive in his career. [snip]

Whether Prior was offensive or not doesn’t make any difference. The U.S. Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, guarantees the right to be offended, right down to your mutilated genitals.

Where in hell do you get the idea that you have more protections than others that you believe to be fair game for your persecutions? Well, we think the “Chappelle’s Show” is absolutely uproarious.


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