Stilton’s Place

Stilton’s Place

Friday Foolishness

One of the primary ways that Stilton’s Place is different from Hope n’ Change Cartoons is that we’ve given ourselves permission to “just blow it off” when the news is unappealing or the wind (for whatever reasons) simply fails to fill our sails.

But we’re not going to deny you, the dear reader, at least a spot of levity just because we’re sick of the blah-blah-blah about Trump vs the Freedom Caucus, Russian hackers vs the DNC, and Maxine Waters vs a Stylish Hairdo (hey, if she wants to support “Habitat for Black Widow Spiders” it’s her business).

Anyway, that’s why the Earwigs cartoon is lurking above. As we mentioned in our penultimate post over at Hope n’ Change, we make Earwigs cartoons (though have not previously published any) as a fun writing exercise and misguided hobby. We basically find a piece of odd old clipart, and then try to spin off as many different punchlines as possible.

While this is mostly just for fun, we fully intend to self-publish a book of these things at some point, and declare it to be the world’s first interactive cartoon book. Specifically because you can highlight your favorite captions and then claim co-authorship when you display the newly-personalized book in the bathroom for guests, family members, and visiting clergy to read.

We’d be tempted to run a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of this book, only we can probably complete the whole project for a total cost of about $13.99.

Which, by remarkable coincidence, is exactly the cost of a plastic jug of Clan MacGregor alleged scotch!


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