Snowflake jobs in America

It’s a terrible situation to graduate from some prestigious bazaar purportedly issuing degrees in some discipline of scholarship. Yet we find multitudes of these scholars sitting in Mom’s basement engaged in Nintendo studies but not able to pay their student loans.

Now there is good news from two states that are opening manufacturing plants servicing those hard to fill jobs held by many Millennials.

Gymmat CA-(Bent News) A Think Tank/Factory has been proposed for unemployed “Women Studies” degree holders hoping to find employment at $15/hr. Employment engaged in finding the means of injecting “Feminist Principles to the Islamist Milieu” and “Burn your Burkah” will be discussed and a search for a means of hiring qualified individuals to engage the Mullahs in Iran.

On the manufacturing side of the venture, the thinking trends to the development of the “Cosmetic Supporter for the Transgender Individual”. The thinking is no one should feel bereft of the comfort of belonging to their newly adopted identity.

Another state which has a strong Progressive culture also is Vermont. One has to know that is the whitest state in the U.S. much to their chagrin. Now the Progressives intend to alter some what this stain on what they consider their Flag.

Drooling VT (Sirup Drips) This hamlet located midpoint between Victory, Guildhall and Granby is far enough from the elite Progressives so they don’t have to associate with them. This area allows for the erection of an edifice dedicated to “Black Studies”.

Since Vermont highly favors a ‘Living Wage’ this philosophy mill will pay any and all employed by the “Black Studies Foundation for Black Lives Matter”. Because for-profit establishments are forbidden in Vermont, funding will be by taxing profits from businesses, interest and dividends from banks paid to individuals and corporations.


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