The Millennials

This posting, one can hope, might reach those dim areas of the lost minds of those snowflakes shining a couple of watts into those crevices. First, it isn’t a nuclear option. It is the putting back the proper rules of the Senate, that Harry Reid uprooted in order to thwart Dubya’s ability to place judges on the lower courts. Then Obama and Reid did use the Super Majority in 2013 on court choices.

For those that refuse to believe this, all one has to do is examine the voting results for the approval of Judges Thomas and Alto. The partisan nature of the Senate deprived them of what use to be votes in the past such as 96-4, 98-2 or 93-7. Votes were made on the candidate’s creds and moral character.
You can see the operation of this in the Abe Fortas vote, that individual was nominated by LBJ; he was not approved.

Harry Reid brought about this division in the Senate. His partisanship looked at the candidates views rather than their qualifications. If the candidate wasn’t a flaming Progressive who would not vote to torch the Constitution, he was not fit to sit on the bench.

Gorsuch will sit on the SCOTUS bench; the real worry for the Jackasses is who is next: Kennedy or Ginsburg.


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