Big Spenders

If you haven’t figured this out yet, Shadrack, you’ve been reading the wrong papers and watching the lying TV Nets.

Politics. like War, is all about Money…from Rico

It’s a racket.
Politics, like War, is a racket (Gen Smedley Butler was right) and all rackets revolve around money. The main question is cui bono…who benefits?

– When a politician speaks…no matter what elegant words are used…they are speaking about money, and it is money for their benefit.

 Congress, the People’s representatives.

I had a friend bitterly complain about Congress being less than useless while telling me “the taxpayer pays their salaries.”
– Let’s follow the money.

Who really pays Congress?
These buttmunches could ‘work for a salary of $1 per year and still leave office (if they leave office) millionaires and multi-millionaires.
– Many of them are ‘broke’ like the rest of their constituents when they first assume the position….er, office yet most sitting members are millionaires and multi-millionaires, and it ain’t because of their tax-payer salary Sparky!

Money talks, and Congress walks.
Wonder why there hasn’t been a repeal of ObamaCare yet? Why the Border Wall isn’t being funded? Why Hillary’s ass isn’t already in jail? Ad nauseum?
– It’s not the Republicans (R) and it’s not the Democrats (D) it’s the Corrupticrats (C) otherwise known as Congress.

Three billion reasons why.
Here are $3.1 billion reasons (per year) why Congress is useless, less than useless, to their constituents (read the suckers who vote them into office).
– K Street lobbyists [read: $pecial interest$] dictate what gets done, and what doesn’t get done.


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