Americana (Answers)

Answers to yesterday’s Americana quiz.

  1. (b) On the floor, to the left of the clutch. Hand controls, popular in Europe , took till the late ’60’s to catch on.
  2. (b) To sprinkle clothes before ironing.. Who had a steam iron?
  3. (c) Cold weather caused the milk to freeze and expand, popping the bottle top…
  4. (a) Blackjack Gum.
  5. (b) Special makeup was applied, followed by drawing a seam down the back of the leg with eyebrow pencil
  6. (a) 1946 Studebaker.
  7. (c) Wax coke bottles containing super-sweet colored water.
  8. (a) Wax for your flat top (butch) haircut.
  9. (a) With clamps , tightened by a skate key, which you wore on a shoestring around your neck.
  10. (c) Eeny-meeny-miney-mo.
  11. (c) Polio. In beginning of August, swimming pools were closed, movies and other public gathering places were closed to try to prevent spread of the disease.
  12. (b) Taxi , Better be ready by half-past eight!
  13. (c) Macaroni .
  14. (c) Hiding under your desk, and covering your head with your arms in an A-bomb drill.
  15. (a) Princess Summerfallwinterspring. She was another puppet.
  16. (a) Immediately sniffed the purple ink to get a high.
  17. (b) Put in a special stamp book, they could be traded for household items at the Green Stamp store.
  18. (c) Ammunition, and we’ll all be free.
  19. (a) The widely famous 50’s group: The Inkspots.
  20. (a) Tony Bennett


17- 20 correct : You are older than dirt, and obviously gifted with mental abilities. Now if you could only find your glasses. Definitely someone who should share your wisdom!

12 -16 correct: Not quite dirt yet, but you’re getting there.

0 -11 correct: You are not old enough to share the wisdom of your experiences.

Send this to your (‘old’) friends with your score in the subject line


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