Stilton’s Place

Stilton’s Place

Fresh Earwigs

One of the primary differences between Hope n’ Change Cartoons and Stilton’s Place is that we no longer feel compelled to visit the subject of politics with every post – in part because we’re not feeling the day to day assault from the Obama administration anymore, and not really looking to go out of our way to find fresh sources of stress.

Which is why you’re getting a nice, fresh Earwigs cartoon today  – which hopefully gives you a fun start to your Monday, while freeing up our time to work on purging our home of superfluous bric-a-brac before starting some pretty major renovations soon. Not that we’ll be doing the work, mind you. We’ll just be signing the checks and weeping the bitter salt tears.

Part of the purge is finally converting about a cubic yard of old VHS videotapes to digital format. For those of us having sensitive dispositions, it can be a very emotional experience to see some of those decades-old images again. In part because they frequently leave me wondering “why the heck did I think I would want to ever see this again in my doddering old age?!”

But then something many years old will pop up, putting a smile on my face and making the whole process worthwhile.

I’m referring, of course, to a shot of scotch.

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