Stilton’s Place

Stilton’s Place

Two Arms, Two Arms!

Okay, you know the drill by now: the news is predictably blah, we’ve got a tight schedule (for reasons too boring to enumerate), and a dab too much stress. So we turn on our soothing recording of a vacuum cleaner and do an “Earwigs” cartoon to relax.

We’ll also admit that this is sort of a trying week, emotionally. Father Jarlsberg passed away on the Cinco de Mayo, 11 years ago last week. And tomorrow is May 11 (which was a Mother’s Day in 2010), and marks the last time we spoke to Mother Jarlsberg 7 years ago before her unexpected death. So we have an unprintable suggestion for May and the dark horse it rode in on, and can use all the light levity we can muster.

And for no reason whatsoever other than to fill space and spash a little color on this page, here’s an odd little bonus cartoon for you movie lovers…

There is NOTHING in the film to contradict this.

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