Clown Show

This is what is running the public education institutions. No wonder kids emerge from schools with less than an informed view of the world. This self proclaimed c*ck holster decided his opinion was the only one that mattered; everyone else better shut-up.

Asst. Principal Resigns After Screaming, Swearing at Pro-Life Teens

The Pennsylvania assistant principal who ranted and swore at teenage anti-abortion protestors on a public sidewalk resigned yesterday.

CBS Philadelphia reports, Zach Ruff, who was Dean of Students at Downingtown-Area School District, resigned after video captured him in a confrontation between two teen anti-abortion activists on a public sidewalk outside of the STEM Academy in Downingtown.

The April 21st incident was caught on video and showed Huff berating the teens.

In the footage he yells, “I wish to protect my students from unsightly things that they don’t need to see!”

Which makes perfect sense because Huff says his school teaches science, which obviously never includes any bodily functions. Surely images of a fetus are nothing scientific, right?

The explicit video shows the argument stretching on for nearly 20 minutes.

Ruff says: “You and Trump can go to hell” and “Listen here son, I’m as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny. I don’t give a f*** what you think Jesus tells me.”

Ruff even sings “I Love a Parade” in an attempt to silence the protesters. [snip]

You have to love how the Left always displays tolerance at every chance they get. Nary a bigoted cell in their apotheosis.

In a pig’s butt!


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