Cognitive dissonance

The real title to this piece should be “Clinton slips a gear”.

Clinton Praises a 1% White College For Its ‘Diversity’

While giving a commencement address at Medgar Evers College, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised the school for its diversity — despite the fact that only 1 percent of the entire student body is white.

During her speech, Clinton said, “You are an inspiring group. You come from 94 countries. Speak 44 languages. You embody what makes New York and America great already.”

“Your ambition, your innovation, your diversity is who we are and who we should want to be,” Clinton continued.

According to the College Board, Medgar Evers College is 62 percent black, 13 percent Hispanic or Latino, 20 percent ethnicity unknown, 2 percent Asian, and only one percent white. [snip]

Judging by Clinton’s previous statement about what America “should want to be,” however, it appears that white identity should be valued less.

There is something in the food or water that messes with the brains of the Progs. It isn’t just Clinton although she’s a good example. Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein and others all exhibit the same dumbs whenever they open their mouths.
Or maybe it is too much grab-ass without  a helmet.


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  1. Well, that’s what Dems mean by diversity, an absence of- and restriction from Whites.

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