This Country needs Gun Control! Not control of the gun but control of the ownership of said weapon. We need it soon and fortunately we have the means of accomplishing this in a rapid fashion.

This has to be done on a national level and the wherewithal is available now. The Federal Government can go to every state and get copies of the voter registrations records. With those in hand, the very thing that the Democrats so long have called for can become a reality.

With the exception of one clown, all political shootings have been committed by individuals devoted to Leftist causes and registered in the Democrat Party. Banning Democrats from owning and possessing any and all firearms we immediately remove the ease by which they can commit these heinous acts. To insure they don’t try to register in another party to get around being a “prohibited person” their names will have to be on a black list preventing such action.

As part of this new law, it will be mandatory that each Democrat home gets a yard sign announcing that the residence is a “GUN FREE ZONE” and is protected by 9-1-1. This should satisfy their comfort level; it is what they wanted for us.


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