How Single Payer Health Care works

There are some real benefits to SPHC that other systems cannot match mainly reducing costs sharply and quickly. Since the fiscal controls are removed from the medical side of the equation, no ethical input is governing decisions.

ObamaCare has the same mechanism, the so called “Death Panels” which the Democrats pooh-poohed but those decision making entities wee included to remove those over a certain age and others whose conditions would cost above a certain level.

President Trump Offers to Help Charlie Gard, a Child Ordered Off Life Support in Britain

Since the British single-payer health system and the European Court of Human Rights have decided that a very sick child in London must be taken off life support — killed by state order — and not allowed to go to the United States for an experimental treatment, President Donald J. Trump announced on Twitter today that if the United states “can help little #CharlieGard,” we would “be delighted to do so.” [snip]

Although Chris Gard and Connie Yates reportedly have raised nearly $2 million to pay for the experimental treatment of their son, the British health care legal system will not allow them to take their child to the United States for treatment.

According to Crux, a Catholic online news source, “The therapy Connie Yates and Chris Gard want to give to their son is currently being administered to Arturito Estopinian, a six-year old who continues to improve on daily doses of the therapy. His parents, Arthur Estopinian and his wife Olga, have been in ‘constant contact’ with the Gard family.” [snip]

Commenting on the case, National Review magazine stated,  “The precedent established by Charlie Gard’s case will metastasize, as similar decisions have. It will be made to apply to children with more-familiar illnesses and better prognoses; it will be used to dismiss the input of parents whose values and priorities when it comes to medical care and end-of-life issues do not align with those of the state; it may be used simply to clear beds for ‘worthier’ patients in a health-care system with very limited resources.

“This, presumably, will be ‘compassionate,’ too. Any day now, they’ll kill Charlie Gard. But it’s in his own best interest. Don’t you see?”

Of course we see. With the Progressive view, allowing any individual to have a choice contrary to the State’s edict simply cannot be tolerated.

This used to translate in past times to “Droit du Roi” peasants.


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