Stilton’s Place

Stilton’s Place

Firework Stoppage

Rather than actually work on July 4th, we decided to take another day off – the better to enjoy hot dogs, potato chips, American flags, and fireworks.

But since you’ve gone to all the trouble of dropping in, here’s a new 4th of July cartoon, and several “blasts from the past”…

This was just our payback for all the “May the Fourth” memes that were flooding social media a couple of months ago. Plus, we think Yoda would be fun to party with.

This cartoon is chillingly “on the nose,” even 8 years later. North Korea’s Kim Jung Il chose the 4th of July to shoot a “test” missile towards Hawaii…and of course Obama did nothing to deter further mischief. Which is why this year on the 4th of July, Kin Jung Un test fired an actual ICBM. Thanks, Barry!

This cartoon seemed accurate in 2013 when we were drowning in illegals, but happily it’s no longer as accurate. By various accounts, illegal border crossings are down 40-50% – almost all of which can be attributed to President Trump’s seriousness about the subject.

And finally, Lefty Lucy reminds us that even during tough times, it’s easy to distract Leftists with bright, shiny things!

Hope everyone had a great holiday; we’ll see you back here with fresh material on Friday!


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