The Millennials

OK kiddies, have you fixed up mommy’s basement the way you like it ? I speaking to you wannabe lawyers, ardent feminists and committed SJW planning the next revolution. How far have you reduced the college debt so that you can eat three times a day and live under a roof.
There is a bubble forming and it is growing faster than Topsy.

This bubble is a humongous $1.44 trillion (that’s a big bunch of zeros) in student debt that is outstanding. There is around $530 billion of this debt being serviced currently, with more debt coming due.
What openings do you think are available for those holding degrees such as a MS in Feminism or a Ph.D in Social Justice? Those degrees are rather costly to obtain.

Even with all the fast food delivery chains existing, there is a finite number of delivery drivers needed. Even at $15/hr it’s a stretch to think one is going to pay off those college loans and pay for the quotidian living expenses. As Guido says,”Fuggedaboudid.” And then the drone delivery and the kiosks and the robots replacing the ‘Fight for $15’ workers, Hooboy, kiddies, what are you going to do?

College debt cannot be relieved by bankruptcy; you are going to pay for your four to five years of living in the Snowflake womb of safety, pretend security and avoidance of reality. You might have gained more in trade school with those you so despised: The Deplorables.

Millennials are excellent at bloviating; we have man like. There called politicians. The market is glutted with them. Can they fix a leaking pipe, change a bad electrical outlet or broken 3-way switch? Step off a set of stringers for stairs? Replace damaged sheetrock and tape the damaged area? These are things one does, not things about which you bloviate.

Tangible skills are and will always be in demand. Serve an apprenticeship close to in time to a college education and one has a set of job skills that will pay five figures to start and put one on the path to the master’s license.
All these skills are fungible, travel well and will become more and more in demand.
All without a huge educational debt.


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