To the Readers

August 24, 2008, this site came into being with this post: 
With the exceptions of my time in the hospital for surgery and recovery ( about a month and a couple days total) I posted every day for the past nine years.

Now the renovations to the house are going to cause a break in posting. All the interior work I was to do is done. I have to now tear out the built in desks and tape up the holes, repair all marks in the walls and remove the electrical plate covers. The furniture has been sold or put into storage. When the desks come out that ends the computer space so those also go into storage. This should occur Monday next, perhaps Tuesday.

The painters are coming in sometime around 6 Aug; after they finish the flooring people are ripping out the wall to wall carpet and installing hardwood floors. in the bedrooms, dining room and kitchen. As soon as they finish, the contractor starts on the addition which becomes my studio.

This place will look like a war zone for August and probably until after Labor Day. I haven’t had a vacation in Vermont nor since moving to South Carolina. I’m taking one. It’s going to be a photo vacation. A rental Pace Arrow will make the travel sweet and all back roads to Wyoming, back across to Vermont and down the mountains to home. Should take about five weeks maybe six. My other half has all the accrued leave from her Federal job she needs.

My neighbor who was in the contracting business in GC’s the job for me keeping the folks putting  up the addition on the straight and narrow  so I’m free to leave and not worry about the construction.


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