Some of the goings on in today’s world. After reading through this, you might want to go back to bed, pull the covers up over your head and wait for October.

Lovely stuff that socialism brings to a country.

Streets littered with heroin needles, human waste and syringes full of blood as drug epidemic plagues city

Shocking images show city streets littered with heroin needles, blood and human waste as a drug epidemic continues to plague the centre of Liverpool.

It’s a sight that Liverpool City Council’s street cleansing team face at 6am on a daily basis as they attempt to keep the city centre clean and safe.

Guess they’ve gone way beyond sex education.

Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group

Public school teachers are behind a leading far-left militant group that is part of the Antifa network that federal officials say is committing “domestic terrorist violence.”
By Any Means Necessary, which has played a key role in riots in Berkeley, Sacramento and elsewhere, has dozens of public school teachers among its members, including among its most prominent leaders.

There isn’t any business that the Government meddled in that didn’t wind up costing more working worse and eventually destroying that which it purported to help.

Frustration mounts over premiums for individual health plans

Millions of people who buy individual health insurance policies and get no financial help from the Affordable Care Act are bracing for another year of double-digit premium increases, and their frustration is boiling over.

Some are expecting premiums for 2018 to rival a mortgage payment.

A blessing in disguise is not having a bunch of dopers unable to reproduce.

Smoking marijuana causes fertility problems because it makes men’s sperm ‘lazily swim in circles’ say experts

Men who smoke too much marijuana could face fertility problems because the drug makes sperm ‘mellow’ causing it to ‘swim in circles’.

Cannabis – which is the most widely-used illegal drug in Britain – tends to leave users feeling chilled out and relaxed.

But now researchers have revealed that it has the same effect on sperm and regular weed smoking can cut counts of the cells by as much as a third.

Some people just deserve the honers they have bestowed upon them. In the case of this pair, they worked hard to get them.

Polls: The ‘Least Liked,’ Most ‘Unfavorable’ Lawmakers in America

[snip] McConnell received worse scores than both President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan. Only 19 percent gave him a favorable rating, compared to 49 percent who had a negative opinion of him.

However, Ryan isn’t safe from scorn. A separate poll from NBC News/Survey Monkey found that he is every bit as unpopular as his gaffe-prone Democratic counterpart Nancy Pelosi. Ryan is viewed negatively by 63 percent of respondents, compared to Pelosi’s 64 percent. [snip]

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