File this under BAD IDEAS

Everyone has seen enough science fiction movies or read a variety of books to know that the invaders from space are always conquered by the stalwart humans. Well consider what has happened on this planet when a superior culture comes into contact with an inferior one. Always the lesser culture is subsumed by the  more advanced and seldom to their benefit at least initially and usually permanently.

We may have or may not have visitors from outside our solar system. I’m not going to argue that point. Let us say so far we haven’t for the sake of argument. We managed to put men on the Moon, but they couldn’t stay there. We’ve only managed to put small probes onto the Martian surface. That is the extent of man’s ability to travel into space.
Do you think it is wise to advertise our location to a species that can travel through interstellar space?

China races to make FIRST CONTACT with aliens using world’s largest dish

CHINA is racing to become a major space superpower and could be the first nation to make contact with alien life by using the world’s largest radio dish which can detect signals from the deepest depths of space. [snip]

China made the move following numerous dozens of suspected-extraterrestrial encounters, including claims that a UFO was seen over the Great Wall of China last week.

The superpower has now poured billions of pounds into space exploration and the world’s largest dish to detect alien signals coming from other galaxies.

Liu Cixin, a top Chinese researcher into alien life, described the dish as something “out of science fiction”.

Mr Liu has written a number of books about the risks of first contact and warns that the “appearance of this ‘other’” could end with mankind’s extinction. [snip]

Letting an unknown species aware that we’re here is a new kind of stupid. If they can get here, obviously, they are a far superior culture. That doesn’t mean they are benign; They could view us as food or vermin or worse: Slaves.
There was a science fiction book written about aliens who came to Earth. They had a book called “To Serve Man” and everyone thought it was wonderful until they found out it was a cookbook.

Who knows what or who exists in this universe; if they can get here we’re not advanced enough to meet them on an equal footing. And don’t think they might look like ET.


2 Responses

  1. It’s like the Aztecs sending up flares along the Mexican coast to attract the Spanish. SETI is fine if you’re just listening, not sending; but it’s a dumb idea to reach out about something we know nothing about. On the other hand, the ETs have already possibly viewed video broadcasts of “I Love Lucy”, Hitler, and Nancy Pelosi. That might explain the silence.

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