Daily Insanity

This bout of insanity rests firmly on the shoulders of the screwball politicians who believe they can legislate morality. Once more they’re going to tell some person, male or female, they can, at age 18, join the military, go fight and get their ass shot at, off or maybe killed for this Country, but they cannot legally drink a beer. If they don’t have the mental acumen to make a choice whether to drink sensibility, then they certainly don’t have the brains to avoid going in harms way for some poop for brains politician who didn’t serve.

New Hampshire considers lowering drinking age to 20

Lawmakers again are considering lowering the drinking age in New Hampshire, though they’ve rejected similar bills in the past.

Republican Rep. Dan Hynes of Merrimack told a House committee Tuesday that countries with lower drinking ages don’t have the same problems with alcohol as the United States.

Under his proposal, 20-year-olds could drink alcohol in private settings, but couldn’t buy it or consume it in public. He said that would allow the state to keep federal transportation funding tied to the drinking age, but a state Department of Safety attorney disagreed. Police chiefs also opposed the bill.

In past years, lawmakers rejected lowering the age to 19 for active-duty military or allowing those over 18 to drink when accompanied by adults. Similar bills also have failed in other states.

This law if passed is nothing.
Call if a BFD on it’s face.

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