Idiot’s Corner

Some persons may find this post offensive. Too Bad! We found this putzpunim offensive. The one positive statement able to be made of him is he couldn’t have hemorrhoids. He was a perfect asshole.

One has to assume this was a political statement. NRA members don’t make such public vocal outcries and the Trump base isn’t upset, we shall believe it was some Lefty crank that ceased putting extra CO2 into the atmosphere. also legitimate gun owners don’t remove desirable weapons from the pool in this manner.

Man shoots himself dead at the North Lawn of White House

The White House was put in lockdown on Saturday afternoon after a man shot himself dead at the North Lawn.

The shooting happened at around noon and sparked panic inside as staff were told to shelter in place.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Political journalists sheltered in the briefing room and tweeted first about the incident.

Not long afterwards, the Secret Service said it was a person who had shot themselves.

The president is at Mar-a-Lago with the First Lady and Barron. He is due to return to Washington DC on Saturday. [snip]

He did the gene pool and some state’s voter registration a favor. Liberals have a mixed reaction to all this, A school somewhere is safe. Climate Change has less CO2 added and the land fills less trash. But they lost another crackpot voter.

He didn’t have good gun control; took several rounds to hit his target: His head.

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