Peccable reflections

In this school shooting, as in every action in the world, there is a message. There is always a message, but most of today’s young mushwits are just too stupid to see the recent history. So another lesson goes unlearned. Most of these toadstools probably never took a physics class, therefore would not have knowledge of Newton’s Third Law.

Accused Texas high school gunman described as bullied loner in a trench coat

The teen accused of killing 10 people in a mass shooting at his Texas high school on Friday was described by fellow students as a quiet loner who played football but kept to himself and was reportedly the victim of some bullying. [snip]

While Abbott said there were few advance warning signs that the suspect had violent tendencies, one ominous social media post was an image of a black T-shirt with the words “Born to Kill” found on the Pagourtzis’ Facebook page.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the Facebook page also bore the image of a trench coat with Nazi insignia. The newspaper said classmates characterized Pagourtzis as unpopular and often the target of bullying.

“He was really quiet and wore like a trench coat every day,” Santa Fe High student Mateo Twilley, 15, told CNN on Friday afternoon. Twilley said he had played football with the suspect. [snip]

The lost lesson, these condom snorters missed, is that bullying will have very serious consequences. In this case as in most others, the victim of the bullies does not use an equal but opposite force; a shock force is used of greater strength is applied. Unfortunately, there were those not involved that got caught in the reaction. that is the penalty for stupid existence is the termination of said existence.

This will continue until we, as a nation, stop blaming inanimate objects for the schools’ ills and blame the true culprits: The administration’s progressive policies. They need to be forced to look into that political mirror. They won’t like who is looking back at them.

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