The Left is not right

Reading about and hearing our snowflakes touting socialism as the new sliced bread, one has to wonder if they ever look up from their Gameboys to read the news. Not American rags but the foreign press which does report “NEWS’. Or they could read the financial papers but alas, those are considered capitalist agitprop.

Venezuelans Vote in Election Overshadowed by Crisis

Venezuela holds an election Sunday that will be ignored by much of the country, but could set its path for decades to come.

President Nicolas Maduro, fighting to keep control of a restive state, called a vote months earlier than it’s traditionally held. In doing so, he defied the international community and risks further punishment for a nation already ravaged by hyperinflation and hunger. He faces a former governor, Henri Falcon, and a televangelist, Javier Bertucci — but the main opposition coalition told its supporters to stay home.

State television has broadcast images of invited election observers from around the region and from Russia and Europe. Those monitors have no power, though, to control a government accused of employing dirty tricks, from intimidating voters to stuffing ballot boxes.

The United Nations has refused to certify Venezuela’s polling as fair, and the U.S. has said it won’t recognize the winner. U.S. officials have also threatened to choke off the nation’s crucial oil industry, though its creditors may do the job first. [snip]

But even as Maduro, 55, has consolidated political power, reviving Venezuela’s economy has been beyond his grasp. After years of mismanagement and a plunge in oil prices, it’s deteriorated to the point that electricity and running water have become luxuries, and malnutrition is rampant.

Maduro has dealt out large and profitable sectors of the economy to the armed forces, installing soldiers in key positions at the state oil producer, PDVSA, and empowered the military to oversee the nation’s food supply. [snip]

One has to believe that the mass of mushwits emerging from their College of Indoctrination are so fuddled in thinking that anything not sanctioned by their professors just goes down the “Memory Hole”. They’re taught not to believe their ‘lying eyes’.

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