Out of the closet

The shuffle to the Left by the Jackass Party has picked up speed; it now is a two-step.

It has already begun, pay attention…from Rico

The assault on America as we know it has already begun openly and in earnest by the Democrats-Socialists-Communists (pardon the unavoidable redundancy).

One can only HOPE that Americans will pay attention and express themselves in the 2018 mid-term elections.
– They will be facing a lot of competition from rampant voting fraud [illegal voters, dead voters, multiple voters, rigged vote counts, ad nauseum…remember the ‘redundancy’ referenced above?].

The Romanovs should have paid much closer attention to the Menshiviks-Bolsheviks (both Communist factions) who did-away with the Duma, elections, and the Romanvov family.

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