Idiot’s Corner

To a Progressive, getting smacked in the face by the failure of one’s issues and programs, doesn’t alter one’s stance. When it effects the very voters you’re looking to influence, someone is going to realize being a Democrat Socialist gets the label of cretin.

Ha: Ocasio-Cortez Laments Coffee Shop Driven Out of Business Over Minimum Wage Hike She Supports

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lamented the closure of a New York City coffee shop on Monday, which is ironic considering a major factor contributing to it shutting down was because of higher minimum wage laws—a position she supports. [snip]

The Coffee Shop in Union Square, which became especially famous after regularly appearing on HBO’s “Sex and the City,” will close down this fall after nearly 28 years in business. Co-owner and President Charles Milite announced the decision to shut the doors to its 150 employees last month.

But unlike what Ocasio-Cortez wants you to believe about the closing down, it wasn’t the result of greedy capitalists trying to squeeze the workers, but rather government regulations that forced the company to go bust.

“The times have changed in our industry,” Milite told the New York Post last month. “The rents are very high and now the minimum wage is going up and we have a huge number of employees.” (

A higher minimum wage is one of the issues Ocasio-Cortez has been outspoken about. On her campaign website, she calls for a $15 minimum wage.[snip]

Her answer to this is the progressive call for a guaranteed wage each month sufficient to allow for a wage permitting a normal life. One has to believe her fellow Socialist will tell you what that is and what you will contribute.

Will someone ask her what portion of her annual income is our ‘fair share’.

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