It’s been 10 years since I posted this blog for the first time on 8/28/08. With the exception of some absences due to hospitalization and some travel, Loon Watch appeared everyday. Those breaks totaled probably three months.

It has been nine years since we moved to South Carolina; I’ve lost touch with the Vermont in which I grew up. Most of my acquaintances either died or moved out of state. Today’s Vermont is a hellish cacophony of PC jabbering, Progressive governmental disasters, high taxes, low paying jobs and sustainable nonsense.

Now I have to choose as to whether I keep this blog going or stop Loon Watch. If I do cease publishing this one I’ll more than likely start a new one centered around the foibles, insanity and flavor of life south of the Rappahannock.

The other blog Vermont Woodchuck Photo Blog hasn’t been worked since Memorial Day. Photos and art are my passion; I worked professionally for the papers around NYC back in the ’70’s and for papers in Vermont. I fully intend to go back to painting watercolors and drawing pen & ink.

No choice has yet been made. This is difficult.  I’ll surely let all know if I close this site and whee I can be found.

My other blog:

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  1. As I’ve only recently come across your blog, I do believe it will be missed. However, one must follow their passion. As Sandberg pointed out, one’s only currency is their time.

    If you do decide to cease publication, please contact me for a bit of conversation.

    • I haven’t made a decision to close out this blog yet. As I posted, it is a difficult choice. I am an ex-Vermonter, a native who no longer could live with the stupidity of those who with a progressive viewpoint keep chasing environmental willow o’ wisps. Paying taxes to them put me in with the dummies.

      Eight yeas ago I left Vermont and moved to South Carolina. where I find the political climate alluring and somewhat free of idiots. We have our share including the Senior Senator who has grown a RINO horn above his trunk.

      I do enjoy posting material that is grist for the mill of ignorance, cupidity, stupidity and their personal lust for power.
      Between the peckerwoods and the ignoranti there isn’t any shortage of targets here.

      If I do close out Loon Watch, I’ll open up another venue and certainly let all know where I am.

      Thank you for the comment and glad to have you as a reader.

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